Friday, May 07, 2021

Author: Genesis Warren

Greta Thunberg Will Not Attend COP26

Greta Thunberg protests against inequalities in access to vaccines against Covid-19 between rich and poor countries. The Swedish activist, a figure in the fight against climate change, said on Friday, April 9, that she did not intend to attend the major COP26 climate conference in Glasgow (Scotland) in November “if the situation continues as it is today”.

The young woman, who celebrated her 18th birthday in early January, called on the British government to postpone the COP26 again, already postponed for the first time because of the health situation if the vaccine inequalities between countries did not allow equal access of participants and activists.

She, therefore, called on rich countries to share their doses with populations at risk in poor countries “rather than vaccinating healthy young people”. “If this is not possible, I suggest postponing [COP26] so that everyone can participate in the same conditions,” she told AFP, confirming information from the BBC. “Inequalities in the face of the climate crisis are such a glaring subject that it would only deepen this aspect” if the COP26 was maintained, she pleaded.

The risks of “vaccine nationalism”

However, the young Swede does not rule out reversing her decision if the vaccine inequality is reduced, she stressed. “Of course, I would love to participate in COP26, but only if everyone is on an equal footing,” she said, echoing the World Health Organization (WHO), which does not cease to alert on the health risks posed by the different rates of vaccination between rich and poor countries, and calling for a reduction in “vaccine nationalism”.

At least 708.4 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines have been administered worldwide, according to a count made Thursday by AFP from official sources. But strong inequalities remain between high-income countries, which concentrate almost half of the doses administered, and low-income countries, where only 0.1% of the doses were administered.

Africa remains “on the margins”, with only “2% of vaccines administered in the world,” lamented WHO Africa Director Matshidiso Moeti on Thursday. Amnesty International has denounced the “virtual monopoly” of rich countries on vaccines.

Death Of Prince Philip: Strong Emotion In Great Britain

Prince Philip passed away on Friday, April 9, at the age of 99. The grieving British have lost the man they nicknamed “the grandfather of the nation”.

On the announcement of Prince Philip’s death, at the age of 99, this Friday, April 9, the British flocked to Buckingham Palace to say their farewells. This man of the shadows, affectionately known as “the grandfather of the nation”, was devoted for nearly 70 years to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, and the crown. ” We will miss him so much; we will all mourn his death together, ” said a Briton. ” He had a big heart; he was a loving father,” said another.

An eight-day national mourning

At 2 p.m. London time, as tradition dictates, the Duke of Edinburgh’s obituary was posted on Buckingham Palace’s gates. Everyone could read the emotion of the Queen: ” It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband “. A few minutes later, the British channels interrupted their programs to announce the death of the prince. All flags of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth were immediately lowered. Eight days of mourning was declared.

United States: One Dead And Several Injured In Shooting In Texas

The facts came hours after the announcement from the White House of a limited plan against the proliferation of firearms in the United States. A shooting in a furniture store in Texas (United States) left one dead and several injured Thursday, April 8, local police said.

“At approximately 2:30 p.m., we were informed of a shooting (…) the agents intervened and found several victims on the spot,” announced to the press Jason James, spokesperson for the Bryan police force, a town of 85,000 inhabitants located between Houston and Dallas. One person died in the shooting, and he later told AFP. Five people were injured, four of them seriously, and hospitalized.

The alleged perpetrator has been arrested. This is a “store employee,” tweeted Bryan Town Police. His motivations remain unknown at this stage.

Limited measures announced by Joe Biden

Shortly before, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, had announced six executive orders of limited scope aimed at limiting the proliferation of firearms in the United States. One of the measures announced aims to fight against “ghost weapons”, which are handcrafted and have no serial number.

The rules for certain handguns, equipped with a stabilizer accessory attached to the shooter’s arm, will also be tightened. This type of stabilizer was used in a recent massacre in Colorado. The American president also commissioned a first general report on firearms trafficking in the United States in 2000.