Crystal Heated Mats – Why They Make This Year’s Perfect Gift

Crystal Heated Mats – Why They Make This Year’s Perfect Gift


Heated crystal mats are different from other heated mats because they are designed to be used with healing crystals. These mats have a unique, patented design that allows them to distribute heat evenly throughout the mat, so it is comfortable for your body no matter where you lay on it.

Heated crystal mats use ceramic/porcelain discs, and these disks can absorb more than twice as much electricity before overheating. Plus, each disk has an extra hole in its center, reducing the chance of overheating or scorching if one disc does happen to get too hot.

As of right now, the most popular heated healing crystal mat on Amazon is made from cork fabric and features 60 channels carved into its surface. These channels are designed to hold healing crystals as you lay on the mat, so they rest just inches below your skin.

Why They’re A Good Idea
Heated healing crystal mats are an excellent investment for anyone looking to increase their health and wellness. Not only are they very relaxing, but they also have many other benefits!

A heated healing crystal mat is a fantastic way to relax at home or on the go. The heat from these mats has been said to help with muscle pain and stiffness, insomnia, anxiety, headaches due to stress, chronic illness symptoms such as joint discomfort – all without resorting to drugs that often mask symptoms rather than fixing them.

What Can They Do For Me?
According to our friends at heated crystals also provide relief in cases of arthritis by warming up stiff joints when applied externally onto affected areas like hands and feet, which can be very effective in soothing the pain.

A heated healing crystal mat is also a great way to get some deep-tissue massage therapy. It provides pressure on your muscles that helps increase blood flow and circulation, which can help alleviate stiffness or soreness from an injury. They are also comfortable – they’re made of natural wool fibers, so there’s no worry about skin irritation like you might experience with other types of fabric mats.

Heated crystal mats have been shown to help with anxiety by providing a sense of comfort and security, also helping to alleviate depression.

The heated crystals can be used for more than just your physical ailments; some people say that you can also use them when experiencing emotional or mental stress in order to improve moods and overall well-being.

The mats also provide warmth wherever desired, with no need for an extra purchase of new bedding items since all you need are heated crystals inside the mat. Another benefit is it never needs to be washed like traditional mattresses or sheets due to heat-regulating properties keeping allergens at bay.

Heated Crystal Mats vs. Non-Crystal Heated Mats

Heated crystal mats are different from other heated mats because heated healing crystal mats use the power of heated crystals to heal you. The heat from these mats is produced by a combination of heating coils and heated healing stones or cubes, which emit warmth into your body at certain points where there may be pain, tension, or inflammation.
Another difference between heated mats that have crystals versus those that don’t is that heated healing crystal mats are more therapeutic, as they use the healing properties of crystals to help your body heal itself.

What Do I Look For?

A couple of things you should research for when choosing a crystal heated mat are;

– Size: The mat should be big enough to fit your whole body. The best crystal-heated mats are those that offer a large surface area to accommodate larger items. This will save you from purchasing multiple mats or getting creative with positioning objects on top of each other.
– Shape: Choose the shape of crystal you resonate with most such as triangle, circle, or pentagon.
– Material: Look for quality materials like wool and cotton. Avoid synthetic fabrics that are harmful to the environment and emit toxic fumes when heated in an enclosed space.
– Heat Settings: You can find mats that generate heat at different intensities from low (120 degrees) up to high (200 degrees). Low settings are perfect for beginners just starting out on healing crystal therapy, while higher temperatures offer more experienced crystals enthusiasts the option of intense therapeutic treatments.
– Storage options
If your home is limited in terms of storage space, look for crystals with an included carrying case and/or built-in hooks so they can be hung up when not in use. In addition, make sure it rolls up into itself easily so as to fit nicely under furniture or behind doors (if possible).
– Durability: A good mat should be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The durability has a lot to do with how long they last and if they’ll stand the test of time. If something isn’t durable, that means it won’t hold up and break down quickly, leading to it not being recommended by other customers due to poor craftsmanship.
– Price: You can find heated healing crystal mats at all different prices. If you’re on a budget, then there are still plenty of mats that won’t break the bank and will do just as much good for your health.
– Appearance: You should pick something with an appearance that suits either your taste or the space in which it’ll be sitting, so it looks great!
– Reviews: A lot of people have experience using these types of products before, so feel free to search Amazon reviews if you need a little help deciding! They always list the pros and cons depending on the experience of the reviewer to make it easier for you.
– Safety: If heated healing crystal mats are used improperly, then they could pose a safety risk, so be sure not to leave them unattended when plugged in. Also, don’t use any other products on top of them without being aware that there may be some chemical reaction happening, resulting in injury.

Care & Storage

The heated crystal mats should be treated like any other electrical device, meaning it is always best to avoid water and moisture of any kind around them. This includes spilled drinks or humidity from a humidifier in the room.

The mats should be stored in a dry place away from any direct sunlight.
If not used, the mat may turn itself off once it has heated to the maximum set temperature and reboot when turned back on again.

Getting a heated crystal mat for yourself or someone you love is a great way to spend your money. It will help them relax, relieve stress, and heal their injuries.



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