A Guide For Renting and A Surviving Mechanical Bull

A Guide For Renting and A Surviving Mechanical Bull


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Similar to bull riding, a mechanical bull must be able to buck and throw off a rider. However, unlike real bulls, the mechanical bull needs only to simulate this movement by using electrical motors that shake or vibrate in order to add realism. Unlike a real bull, safety is less of a factor in riding a mechanical bull.

Where Can I Rent a Mechanical Bull?

Mechanical bull rentals can be found at rodeos and fairs, as well as some parties. These bulls usually come in the form of a metal fence and a mechanical bull inside and can vary in size and quality depending on your needs. If you want to be able to ride the bull yourself, look for ones that offer adult human-size weight limit specifications. In order to fulfill this experience, a mechanical bull rental in Orange county is just what you need to offer at your next party!

Will I Be Able To Ride It?

Before renting the bull, try it out yourself first just to see how it feels. You might discover that you’re not strong enough or tall enough to stay on it very long. Most places will let you make an hour reservation where you get three tries to stay on the bull as long as possible before having to pay for another reservation. Use this time

In the same way that bull riding is a dangerous sport, so is riding a mechanical bull. In order to safely ride on a robotic bull, there are some crucial tips that must be applied. If you have experience with both real bulls and mechanical ones, then you know how much easier it is to sit on a moving mechanical bull than it is to ride a real one. If you choose to ride a mechanical bull without consulting some helpful tips, you could be in for a long and painful experience. Here’s a quick guide!

Place your feet parallel to each other (shoulder-width apart) and keep your knees bent for safety and balance. Also, make sure that your feet are about 14-16″ off of the ground for maximum capability. This is crucial because if they are too close or too far apart, you could lose control of staying on top of the bull’s rhythm (and ultimately get thrown off). Lean back when necessary, but don’t lean too far; otherwise, you’ll fall or get thrown off.

The bull moves at a steady, consistent pace, so try to keep up with the movement rather than fight it. This is to avoid injuries and also maintain your balance on top of the bull. Keep your head and neck straight and relaxed in order to prevent injury when you do inevitably fall off of the mechanical bull.

Look for specific indicators that show you’re getting close to falling, such as your arms moving too much and any side-to-side movement in your hips. When you feel like you’re losing control, put both hands out in front of yourself (like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine) and hold them there until the ride is over; this will make sure that you don’t land on your head when you fall. Also, don’t hold the ball with your hands because you could pull it down and injure yourself or even break it. If you feel any pain while riding the mechanical bull, yell “stop” and hold up your hand.

To get that bucking sensation, give it just enough slack to keep it moving. Don’t try to go much longer than 30 seconds (ideally less) when you’re starting out because that can result in some intense muscle pain later on. When you do fall, make sure to hit the floor with your hands extended in front of yourself and your legs extended behind you; this will lessen the impact, so you don’t feel as much pain. Also, remember to get up slowly because sometimes momentum can actually pull your leg muscles during initial movements.

Always keep two hands on the handgrips due to safety risks. If you’re going to wear a hat, make sure that it doesn’t have a hard brim, or else it could pinch your skin when the bull jerks around and cause pain. Also, don’t wear anything with a lot of straps because they can get caught in the machinery and ruin/break it. Try not to wear clothes with buttons on them because if they get caught in the machinery, they can rip right off your clothing and be a hazard.

Watch out for where your thumbs are placed as they can slide in and bend them at unnatural angles, which is painful. Be careful not to squeeze the handles because it could cause the machine to malfunction. If you’re using two hands on one grip, make sure that your fingers are wrapped around it and not just your palms.

The bull’s rhythm is steady, but the machine can be sensitive, so don’t jump or step off of it too quickly. Try timing each move.

Like with real bulls, practice makes perfect when it comes to staying on a mechanical bull. If you can, throw your legs over the side of the bull for about three seconds while standing before mounting the bull in order to get used to seeing where things are and feeling what’s there. Make sure that you don’t try to go too hard; this will keep you from hurting yourself and also result in more fun and less pain for all involved.

Remember: if at first, you don’t succeed (which is likely because it takes some time and endurance), then dust yourself off and give it another try! This isn’t like regular riding a horse or camel!

If you’re going on vacation soon or want some fun ideas for your next party, then consider renting out a mechanical bull in Orange county! The chances are that it will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends so take advantage of this great opportunity!

Remember, there are other locations in California other than just Orange county. If you want to go somewhere else, check out the map in California or just type bull rental Orange county on your preferred search engine! You might even find some other interesting things or activities that you didn’t even think about before!



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